Required Documents


Identification Score Tick
Primary:  Must provide at least one form of Primary ID
Australian Passport – a current passport (can be expired up to a maximum of two years, but not cancelled) 70
Australian Birth Certificate (Birth Extract not accepted unless Drivers License also provided-needed for USI) 70
Australian Citizenship certificate 70
Permanent Humanitarian Visa (visa subclasses will be verified to confirm VFH eligibility) 70
Secondary: Must provide one or two forms of Secondary evidence.  to total 100 points
– The following documents must have a PHOTOGRAPH and NAME:
Drivers License issued under an Australian State Law 40
Identification Card issued under an Australian State Law (e.g. Proof of Age or Photo Card) 40
Student ID Card (tertiary) – must contain photo and/or signature 40
Identification card issued to an employee by a government agency 40
– The following documents must show NAME and ADDRESS:
Employment ID
·         ID Card issued by employer (name and address) 35
·         ID Card issues by employer (name only) 25
Letter from current or former employer (within the last two years) – stating name and address 35
Council rates notice 35
Credit/debit cards/passbooks (only one per institution) 25
Medicare card 25
Membership card (club, union or trade, professional bodies) 25
Foreign Driver’s License 25
Records of a public utility – phone, water, gas or electricity bill (must have name and address) 25
Rent receipt from licensed real estate agent 25