Why Study in the USA

When asked about where in abroad would they like to go for their higher study, most of the students’ answer you will find is The US, and for good reason. Many of the top universities of the world reside in USA, and other than that there are more than 4,000 universities that people consider due to their world class standard and the path to career success. The US remains the source of most of the world’s ground – breaking developments in technology, business, arts, and beyond.

Here are just a few of the reasons which compel students to go to the US for higher education.

Quality Education and Unique curriculum

US education is recognized all over the world. Out of the 100 best Universities of the world, 30 of them are in the US, as ranked by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World University Rankings. Among other reasons, being educated in “liberal arts” is one of the main reasons why students graduating from US universities are so successful. This means that besides their respective majors, they were also taught about other subjects such as various maths and sciences, philosophy, history and literature.

The reason behind teaching the liberal arts is that, the students remain prepared to obtain a job that does not only require their area of expertise, but beyond that. It keeps an open door for you to do anything you want to do after you graduate – like becoming a manager, start your own business or anything that interest you.

It’s diverse

US universities put a great importance on diversity. The classes usually consist of students from all race, religion, age and countries of origin. This creates an environment for the students to improve cross-cultural understanding and networking. Usually, there are no more than 20 students per class and the professors take the time to get to know the students and take all sorts of care for their learning even outside the classroom.

The US campuses also encourage to have an active social life. With a number of clubs and organizations that the students can join, it helps the students to find people of similar taste and be more interactive and thus, be more successful when they join their respective workplace.

Overall, the US is a mix of cultures and that makes it an interesting place to live in. All over the US you will find a variety of cuisines and entertainment places for everyone including museums, art galleries and such.

Employment Prospects

International students are allowed to work on campur up to 20 hours per week. Students mostly find that their time is better sent on internships or curricular practical training which allows students to work for university credit in a job in a related field. For this reason, most universities, even the ones not located in big cities has employees dedicated towards finding internships for students.

There are also a number if extra-curricular activity offered by the universities that provide practical life job experience to the students. This may include writing for the school newspaper, participating in science fairs, joining the debate team, and much more. The idea behind this is to give the students a taste of the practical job life. This experience becomes inevitable when they actually go for job interviews.

All US institutions have a career services department staffed with professionals focused on helping students with their CV, teaching job interview skills, and helping them find job opportunities, both during and after their studies.

Popular with International Students

For decades, the US has been welcoming international students into their country, for which they know exactly how to place the foreigners at ease. As days passed by, this world has become a global village, and the networking is making it even smaller, so understanding other cultures is a master to key to a student’s future success.


Thanks to the sheer size of the US and the large number of institutions, there is a perfect fit for each type of student. Huge, sprawling campuses that feel like cities, and small, intimate campuses that feel like a collection of close friends. Tropical islands, arid deserts, snowy plains; the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Manhattan. In the US, there is truly something for everyone and every type of learner.

Learn English

The education in US is provided in English which is the primary language spoken in the US. Most universities have languages and programs through which the international students can further develop their skills and become more desirable to employers. They also offer study groups and mentoring programs where students can practice their language training.

Amazing Innovation and research

The US is at the forefront of scientific and creative innovation. Large research institutions in the US, in particular, offer opportunities for students to work side-by-side with their professors and apply what they are learning in the classroom in the lab or workshop. US institutions proudly support the fieldwork their faculty is doing, and information is readily available on research opportunities students can undertake.

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