During study in the USA

During Study in The USA

Work while Studying in USA

There is a chance that you have thought of studying in the US and held that thought for a while trying to decide if you should change your decision considering the tuition fees that you have calculated. Many colleges and universities have expensive tuition rates, especially for international students who pay out of state tuition. Tuition rates have been growing steadily year after year, and this does not even include the added cost for books, health insurance, room and board, and transportation.

For many students, this can be a hurdle, forcing students to save money for years, rely on other funding sources, or delay their dream of a US education. For this, the US has a program called work study that gives students the unique opportunity to work from the moment they arrive on campus. So basically they can work and study at the same time. Now, a growing number of schools are offering a specialized Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program that gives students the unique opportunity to work from the moment they arrive on campus.

Earn Money While Earning a Degree

International students can expect to make a minimum wage, for which work study is a great option. It will not give you the scope to earn the full tuition cost but it will surely lessen the burden off your shoulders. Before joining the work study, it is also advised that you look at your class schedule to know how many hours can you spare per week for it, according to your chosen degree, the time and effort may vary. You don’t want to do bad in your studies while trying to earn some extra bit. On the other hand, along with providing you extra cash and experience on your resume, Work Study programs allow you the opportunity to practice English in a professional environment, helping you to prepare for work after college.

Work Study Opportunities Include:

  • Employment available for international students
  • Work during the day and take classes in evenings or on weekends
  • Employment with both on and off campus companies
  • Students are paid regular “American” wages
  • Both part time or full time employment available

Work-Study programs are available for both Undergraduate and Master students


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