Cost of Study

Studying in UK isn’t necessarily always expensive. Outside the city of London, the cost of living is much lower and hence, affordable. The students in the UK have access to free medical healthcare through NHS, if they are studying for more than six months. The degrees are usually 3 years with honors, which is fewer than most countries.

Before you decide to study in the UK you should research on the tuition fees and the living costs. There are a number of financial options available for international students. Do some research and find out what you may qualify for. University tuition fees per year range from £15,000. Costs can vary depending on where you are studying. Get in touch with your chosen institution to find out the full cost of your course and what financial help they can offer.

UK undergraduate degrees range from three to four years. A full-time postgraduate degree is generally a year. You could go on to study at postgraduate level following your degree. There will always be lots of guidance to help you choose your next step.

The estimated living cost per year is between £7,000 – £9,000, so it’s important that you plan ahead and keep track of your spending! Many UK shops and restaurants offer a student discount and you can get great deals on travel passes.

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