After your studies

Post Study work arrangements

The Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after they finish their studies.

It has two streams: the Graduate Work stream and the Post-Study Work stream.

The Graduate Work stream: International students who graduate with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation considered in demand in the Australian labor market, as indicated in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). A visa in this stream is generally granted for 18 months.

The Post-Study Work stream: It offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Under this stream, successful applicants are granted a visa with a visa period of two, three or four years’ duration, depending on the highest educational qualification they have obtained.

Australian Study Requirement:

All subclass 485 visa applicants must satisfy the Australian study requirement in the six months immediately prior to making their application, regardless of the stream that they are assessed under.

Student Must Have:

  1. Attained either a single qualification requiring at least two academic years study or multiple qualifications resulting in a total period of at least two academic years study; and
  2. Undertaken this study in no less than 16 calendar months.

Two academic years study is defined as 92 weeks of study in a course or courses registered by CRICOS. CRICOS determines a standard duration (number of weeks) for each course.

The Australian study requirement cannot be met in less than 16 calendar months. This period begins when the study commences (generally from the start of lectures and excluding

Subclass 485 visa applications must be lodged within six months of the date of course completion.

The date of course completion is the first date on which the educational institution publicly notifies the student that they have met the requirements for the award of their degree, diploma or trade qualification. This notification can occur by:

  • Letter
  • Publication in a newspaper
  • Publication on the internet
  • Email
  • Bulletin board at the tertiary institution.

This date should not be confused with the date of conferral of award. The date of conferral is the date that the student actually receives their qualification, for example, at a graduation ceremony.

Applying under the Post-Study Work Stream

The following provides information about the Australian study requirement specific to subclass 485 visa applicants under the Post-Study Work stream.

Eligible qualifications

For the purposes of applying for a subclass 485 visa under the Post-Study Work stream, only study that results in the conferral of an eligible degree level qualification will be considered. An eligible degree level qualification is a:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Bachelor (honours) degree
  • Masters by coursework degree
  • Masters (extended) degree
  • Masters by research degree
  • Doctoral degree.

The degree level courses which are packaged with a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma course may be considered, provided they ultimately complete an eligible qualification.

Example: Students who complete a Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies which articulates (or leads) into a Master of Education are able to use both the study at the Graduate Diploma and at the Masters level towards meeting this requirement.

Example: Students who complete a Bachelor of Arts and then a Graduate Diploma in Asia-Pacific Studies will only have study undertaken at the Bachelor degree level considered, as the Graduate Diploma did not contribute towards the conferral of an eligible degree level qualification.

All courses used to satisfy the Australian study requirement must have been undertaken at an eligible Australian university or any other education provider accredited to offer degree level programs.