Statement of Purpose for University Admission

The way a statement of purpose is written can make or break your Australian university application. A perfectly written statement of purpose is vital for both your student visa as well as visa application.

Writing the perfect statement of purpose for studying in Australia can be an overwhelming task. You need to consider factors ranging from the why you have chosen Australia to the obligations under your student visa. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the things that need to be addressed in a statement of purpose.

Consider the below-listed pointers when writing a statement of purpose for any university in Australia.

Do not rush into it

Now that you know how important a statement of purpose is, it is wise to understand that you need to give yourself ample time prior to coming up with the final draft. Give it some weeks to think about how to present the statement of purpose with all the right intends.

Ensure that you review your statement as many times as possible for any possible issues like grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuations etc.

You can even get the help of your friends or professor by requesting them to proofread your statement of purpose.

Justify choosing Australia as a study destination

It is always important to justify why you have decided to choose Australia as the study destination. You can do this by stressing on some points like the uniqueness of Australia education for international students, the value of Australian education across the globe etc.

Justify your education provider

There should be a reason for you to choose the education provider or university. On most of the occasions, students choose a university because of its popularity or ranking among the other Australian universities or universities across the globe.  You can also address some points like location, teacher to student ration, education facilities like online learning systems if these are applicable in your case.

Justify your course

Perform an in-depth research on the course or program that you are applying for. Align the course with your career in such a way that you can map successful career with the program you have chosen. It is also important that the course you have chosen aligns up with what you have previously studied or your work experience. It is also ideal to mention the research that you have done on similar courses back in your home country.

What not to do:

When writing a statement of purpose, it is ideal to avoid the following:

  • It is important that you avoid clichés or unwanted information. Only present your life story if it is required to enhance your statement.
  • Do not copy the work of some other individual. Students do tend to copy multiple statement of purposes, which should be avoided at any case.
  • Do not express your interest or excitement for living in Australia, rather express it for the idea of studying in Australia.

If you require further assistance or information regarding writing a statement of purpose for admission in any Australian university, do not hesitate to contact us.

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