Internship – A Career Ladder for International Students

Internships are key to building experience as a student or recent graduate. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume and lacking experience. Many internship opportunities help set the foundation for your career.

The cost of living in foreign countries are usually higher for majority of the international students, if compared to their home country. In Australia, many international students work part time, as they are allowed to make some extra bucks on the side to help and support their daily expenses.

International students coming from developing and under developed countries, do loose their track sometimes and since they are already working part time, they do know how well it feels to receive dollars in the bank account. On average 20 hours of work in a week, on a proper tax paid job, can actually be very supportive, as it can certainly help a student to take care of house rent, utilities, phone bills, food expenses and minor entertainment activities like affording a movie ticket.

While studying in Australia, many international students follow this very basic routine and it isn’t wrong to call it a common trend, but what happens when they complete their studies and receive a post study work visa; these students follow their very basic instinct, and start enjoying a full time work rights.

They ignore career pathway and try to enjoy making money, as a recovery scheme for what they have invested on their education in a foreign country. Many universities and higher education providers have introduced internship programs, though internships sometimes are limited and available for high achievers only, but there are many companies offering direct internships for these fresh graduates to join the firm and gain industry experience.

We have seen many students opting for paid work regardless if it is relevant to their studies or not, as they fail to foresee the benefits of the internship. Therefore, we are discussing how beneficial an internship can actually be for international students graduating abroad.

Gaining an Industry Experience

For starters, all the graduates must know how industry experience counts in any developed country. It is very important to have absolute destination market experience to work in that country, which is why people coming on migration schemes are sometimes hired on a lower level designation. Therefore, Internships are best way to acquire experience in a particular field and get nurtured professionally, that too without the burden that a full-time employee might have.

One of our student Swati Kaur, worked as an HR intern as part of the undergraduate degree in economics and commerce, discussed that an internship was the perfect shift between university and the workforce. She says,

“It allowed me to gain insight into an industry of interest and become familiar with the daily life of the role,” she says. “I gained a better understanding of what is expected.”

Real Life Skills Enhancement

Another Student Narender Patel discussed about how he gained a number of treasured skills by undergoing a formal internship. He said,

“I really improved my organisational skills, because at university, our assignments had long deadlines, but at the placement I had many short term goals, which made me learn to work within the timelines, as we had daily deadlines for certain tasks.”

Narender’s placement showed him opportunities in the marketing within the business, which was something he wasn’t familiar with doing. As he further said,

“Marketing management was the focus, and because it wasn’t particularly my area of expertise, it did challenge and excited me”

Improve Your Resume

For Swati and Narender, having an industry experience will certainly make them stand out for potential employers. Especially in such a competitive job market, all employers look for some sort of experience. Internship in a professional environment provides you with definite advantage. You can highlight practical examples of how you worked with a team, how you used communication software, and how did you maintain your time efficiently.

Internship helps you with resume building by 100-fold, as you can certainly mention that you have completed a placement but above that, these professional colleagues whom you work with, also help you with reshaping your resume according to the industry standards. You will be able to distinguish within what to include and what not to, and how to make your resume look better than others.

Practical Use of Academically Acquired Skills

Spending years in higher education, we do develop numerous skills and competencies, but we hardly get a chance to polish or test them in a real world professional life. Internships and placements provide an insight about how good you are with your skill set and how you can make it better. It provides perfect opportunity to test and enhance them in a professional setting.

Many graduates, who are now working on a formal position will confirm that, actual learning starts at the work place, and university is all about knowing the basics and getting certified for knowing it. Whereas, practical implications of that knowledge require an opportunity in a professional setting, which comes easy through internships and placement programs.

Professional Networking

Internships and placements sometimes comes with an opportunity to industry events and meetings. Interaction with professional people will help you gain new connections and develop communication skills in a professional environment. I would like to discuss my example here, as I also did receive an opportunity to get introduced with a lot of useful resources and a chance to meet many professionals in my field. Networking will also help you acquire references and find new job opportunities. Internships can even provide you with a professional mentor.

If you are about to graduate or have recently completed your degree, then best option for you is to look for internship opportunities at any firm and acquire an industry experience. For available industry placement programs, you can also contact Study International, and we can guide you towards the best placement programs available based on your field of study and interest.

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