Common Reasons for Rejection of Australian student visa

In the past couple of years, there has been a tremendous surge of Australian student visa approvals, especially for students from Bangladesh, India and Nepal. However, there has also been instances where students have received student visa rejection notices. Prior to applying for a student visa to Australia, it is imperative that you are aware of the factors that might end up in visa refusal.

As an aspiring Genuine Temporary Entrant, it is ideal to be aware of the common reasons that can lead to the rejection of Australian student visa.

Failure to meet financial requirements

As per the DIBP, any student applying for student should be able to finance his/her studies in Australia. The respective student should submit the proof of living and education expenses upfront so that the visa application can be considered. As per the current rules, students must show credibility of an annual living expense of AU $19,830.

Academic qualification

It is mandatory that you have completed the required level of studies to apply for student visa Australia.

Incomplete or incorrect documents

Documentation is important when it comes to applying for Australian student visa. You will have a checklist of documents that can be submitted online to the Australian high commission for consideration.

Your student visa application can be rejected if you provide false information or if you fail to submit any of the important documents. It is mandatory that you verify your paper work prior to putting in an application.

Shady immigration history

On occasions, you can find students whose primary aim is not to study. Such students may even have a bad immigration history, where they have applied for a student visa with a different country, which may have been cancelled in halfway owing to any misdeeds. If you have any sort of past misdeeds, your visa application can be rejected base on your immigration history.

Failure to meet genuine temporary entrant requirement

The Australian high commission evaluates student visa application based on certain benchmarks tagged under the title “Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements”. Student visa applications who does not comply with any of the GTE requirements are rejected.

GTE Requirements:

  • Applicants circumstance in home country and foreseeable circumstance in Australia
  • The level of study and course chosen and how it shapes up with the applicant’s chosen
  • Applicant’s immigration history

Usually, the applicants are asked to provide a statement of purpose related to their application of student visa. The Australian High Commission will weigh the points mentioned in the Statement of Purpose with the GTE requirements either via a telephonic interview or by detailed self-assessment. If the statement of purpose doesn’t align with the GTE requirements, your student visa application can be rejected.

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