Cost of Study in Canada

International students prefer Canada over other popular study destination, due to low education expenses, specially the course fee as compare to US and UK is very cheap and affordable, which makes these students to opt Canada as their study abroad destination. Tuition can vary but it is generally around $25000/year. If you are staying on campus, the cost can be around $800/month. The cost of staying off campus can be a bit cheaper. It is generally around $500/month. The cost of food on campus is generally around $700/month. The cost can be around $200/month. The total cost of staying on campus can be generally around $1500/month and the total cost of staying off campus is generally around $800/month.

Tuition+food+staying= $3000+$1500(on campus) or $3000+$800(off campus) for one month. Though I would advise you to not think that this is the solid amount you have to pay, since there are a lot of other ways where you can reduce the cost.

Scholarship options

If your profile is good, then chances of getting scholarship is high. There are many universities that offer scholarships to students. There are different types of scholarships as well:

  1. University Scholarships:University Scholarships have two types:
  2. Entrance scholarships: Most universities have entrance scholarships for which you will be considered as soon as you apply to the university. If your profile will be good enough, they will offer you the scholarship.
  3. Application based scholarships: Now, many universities have application based scholarships as well. You will have to fill up a separate application to get the scholarship. These scholarships can be very specific like scholarships for girls who are studying computer science.
  4. External scholarships:There are many external scholarships as well provided by external organisation to students studying abroad. Like Microsoft provides scholarships to international student studying computer science in USA or Canada.


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