During Study in Canada

International Students in Canada are legally allowed to work while they are studying. This helps them to maintain their daily expenses and allow them to manage their finance without incurring debts. In particular, to acquire rights of working Off – Campus, international students are required to have the following:

  • Valid study permit;
  • Must be a full-time student;
  • Must be enrolled at a designated institute at the post-secondary level or, in Quebec, a vocational program at the secondary level; and;
  • Must be studying in an academic, vocational or professional training program that leads to a degree, diploma or certificate that is at least six months in duration.
  • If you qualify with above requirements, you will be allowed to:
  • Work up to 20 hours p/w while studies in session; and
  • Work full–time while on academic, for e.g. winter and summer holidays or spring break.
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