Important Update: Student Visa Fund Changes for 2018

The Department of Home Affairs has made some changes to the student visa fund which would be in effect from February 2018. As per the rules and regulations, the students are supposed to show funds to support their study, travel, stay in Australia and other miscellaneous expenses throughout their duration of study.

The new changes to the student visa funds are listed as follows:

  • Student or Guardian: $20,290 (Previous: $19,830)
  • Partner or Spouse: $7,100 (Previous: $6,940)
  • Per Child: $3,040 (Previous: $2,970)

Alternatively, students are also required to provide proof that their parents or spouse can support them in case if it becomes necessary throughout their stay in Australia.

It is advised that you provide all the important documents while filing for student visa

Some of the crucial documents that need to be provided upfront are:

  • Evidence of financial capacity and
  • Evidence of English proficiency

Additionally, the students are also expected to satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements.

Some of the GTE Requirements are listed below:

  • Applicants circumstance in home country and foreseeable circumstance in Australia
  • The level of study and course chosen and how it shapes up with the applicant’s chosen course of study.
  • Applicant’s immigration history

Any gap in the employment or study should be justified in the GTE statement. If the student has chosen a course which is not related to his/her previous course or employment, the GTE statement should justify the selection of new course with appropriate explanation.

Not drafting a transparent GTE Statement is one of the common reasons for rejection of Australian Student Visa.

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